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After twenty-five (25) successful years in mortgage banking (10 years with Todd Taylor at American Home Loans & NovaStar Home Mortgage), Tom Hill has founded Iroquois Hill Finance Group to arrange financing, warranties & closings for FreeRek.com Tom was an all-star college rugby player [1983 All-Union prop] while studying political science at Penn State and Binghamton University. Since college he has been a top producer at some of the country’s largest savings banks and mortgage companies, including CrossLand Savings Bank, GMAC Mortgage, and American Home Loans & NovaStar Home Mortgage where he managed the call center for the 2nd highest revenue branch for a publically traded mortgage lender.



Preliminary figures show $399 million in auction sales at Monterey

Engine detail of the record-setting Ferrari 250 GTO | Bonhams photo

Preliminary results show sales of $399 million at the five traditionally conducted classic car auctions this weekend on the Monterey Peninsula.

However, Hagerty Insurance, which monitors the auctions and provides preliminary numbers to the media, notes, “It is important to point out that there were a handful of significant no-sale’s from Sunday at Gooding that were reported to be close and (to be) announced within the next day, so once the final official numbers are reported by all auction companies the final overall totals may be noticeably higher than this report suggests.”

Also, Hagerty’s figures, which include buyer’s fees, do not include the new Rick Cole Auctions sale, in which bidding was done by smart-phone technology. That bidding concluded at midnight Sunday evening.

According to the Cole website, it appears that half of the lots sold, though with at least two sales — including one for $12.0 million — yet to be completed. Cole’s final numbers could add around $25 million to the Monterey weekend total.

Hagerty’s preliminary figure of $399 million in overall sales compares to a $312.1-million figure for the Monterey auctions in 2013. Also significant are an increase of more than $100,000 in the overall average sales price and a nearly $27,000 increase — that’s nearly 40 percent — bump in the median sales price.

The high-dollar sale Sunday at the Gooding auction was $5.61 million for a 1959 Ferrari 250 SI cabriolet. Three other cars — a 1965 Ferrari 275 GTB coupe, a 156 Ferrari 250F race car and a 1939 Alfa Romeo Tipo 256 cabriolet sportive — each sold for more than $4 million. Continue reading

How To Make 1 Million Dollars Online!

I go into detail in the entire episode with specific stories, but below you can see the show notes on what I talk about with building your online business to generate millions.  Also note: I recorded this on my iPhone in Spain between practices while playing pro handball with the Reale Ademar team in Leon.  This is not recorded in the SOG studio in L.A.

1.  Start With Passion

-  My Sports Networker Journey, here I share how I got started, and why I started in the sports business.

-  How I Utilized LinkedIn marketing to build everything- the list was key for me, and LinkedIn gave me a platform to build an audience and I enjoyed teaching this to others.

-  Even more: I started hosting LinkedIn events, wrote a book, then did  workshop, speaking, bigger ticket product and webinars.

2.  Invest In Yourself

-  Keys to Finding Mentors- I cover the importance of investing time into a mentor (and how to find the right one for you)

-  Study as much as you can from people you admire or want to be like online.  As an athlete I learn from watching other great athletes compete.  Apply this to the online business world.

-  Investing in your online education:  If this means buying a course, software, or hiring a coach… do it!

-  Join a mastermind ASAP!  This is a HUGE key to making your first million online.  It might be the biggest accelerator to achieving this goal.

3.  Build Your Audience

- If I could do it all over again I’d just build a list without a site.  So many people are concerned with creating a site that they forget the most important thing is building a list.  Even when people do have their site up and running they forget to have a place for people to opt in.  The site almost becomes pointless when this happens.

4.  Learn Sales and Marketing  

-  You don’t have to be the best at marketing, you just need to know enough to get the job done.  Once you do, sales will be your focus.  I love using webinars to sell because it’s a great way to build your audience as well.  Start with an online bootcamp because you can start selling without having a product (this is key!).

5.  Build Credibility 

-  There are many ways to build credibility online.  I mention how to in this episode but to name a few you can write a book about the topic you love,  guest post on other sites, speak at trade shows, or write for magazines.  Anything to build credibility to increase your personal brand and value perception.

6.  Hustle Every Day 

-  Be as consistent as possible.  No one is going to hand you a million dollars.  It took me a few years of constant 14 hour days of hustling to the point we generated our first 7 figures.  Now I’m able to leverage my time and money to create greater products and live my lifestyle at the next level.




Most expensive car ever auctioned is sold for $34.65 million

A 52-year-old Ferrari just smashed the record for the most expensive car ever sold at auction.

The 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, with a somewhat dark past, was just sold by Bonhams for $34.65 million. That blew away the previous record, held by a Mercedes-Benz racer that sold last summer for $31.6 million including auction fees.

“The market right now is just so strong,” said Marcel Massini, a leading Ferrari historian and adviser to collectors. “And this is one of the big prizes in the entire collecting world.”


Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta.
Source: Bonhams
Ferrari 250 GTO Berlinetta.

Ferrari GTOs are among the holy grails of the car auction world. Ferrari made only 36 of them (or 39 if you include different versions), and they were the dominant race cars of the mid-1960s.

GTOs rarely come up for sale, and when they do they often trade in secret, private sales that can rarely be verified. Last year, a GTO sold in a private sale for $52 million, experts said. But it’s been over a decade since a GTO has been sold at a public auction. While many types of high-end collecting cars have gone up in value in recent years, GTOs are now in class by themselves. Just 10 years ago, GTOs were selling for around $10 million.

Read MoreNoooo! Experts say $63 million Ferrari is a fake!

The GTO sold by Bonhams was the 19th made by Ferrari and was delivered in 1962 to a French racing driver named Jo Schlesser. The car came in second in the 1962 Tour de France.

Yet the same year, it crashed during a race at Montlhéry, near Paris. The driver, Henri Oreiller, was killed in the crash. That made the car the only GTO to be involved in a fatal crash, which some predicted could affect its sale price.

Read MoreThe super toys of the super (self-made) rich

But its later life added to its value. After the crash and repairs, it was purchased by Fabrizio Violati, an Italian car buff and heir to an Italian mineral-water business. Violati raced the car in European mountain-climb events and classic-car challenges throughout Europe until the 2000s. It became one of the centerpieces of his famed Ferrari museum—known as the Maranello Rosso Collection—in San Marino. Remaining with such a well-known owner for 49 years enhanced the car’s prestige.

Read MoreArab supercars back on London’s luxe streets

Violati passed away in 2010, and his family recently sold the collection to a group of investors for more than $100 million, according to people familiar with the deal. Those investors sold the GTO along with several other Violati Ferraris through Bonhams.

RV Buying Tips

The Birth of a Company

Mark Polk   

RV Education 101 is a North Carolina based company that produces and sells educational videos, DVDs and E-books on how to use RV’s. Mark Polk, the owner, with his extensive background working for an RV dealership, stated he saw a real need for the videos. “We would sell the RV and give the customer a walk-through (or orientation, of the unit) but between the excitement and the vast amount of information given in a short period of time they would only retain maybe 20% of it”. “These videos give the customer something to refer back to, and they can watch it in the comfort of their own home or at the campground, as many times as they like, prior to venturing out with their new RV. Just think about how many times it takes of hearing your favorite song before you can even think about singing along? 16 or more times!!!!”

Mark J. Polk was introduced to RV’s in the early 70’s. His friend’s father was the General Manager for an RV dealership and would take them camping all of the time. Before long he was working for the dealership washing RV’s, and soon after that he was working as an apprentice RV technician.

Not long after graduating from high school Mark joined the Army and was a wheeled vehicle and power generation mechanic. 5+ years later he graduated from warrant officer school as an automotive maintenance technician and was in charge of some very large maintenance operations throughout his career. He retired from the Army in 1996 as a Chief Warrant Officer Three.

Chief Warrant Officer Three Mark Polk was awarded a first place maintenance award from General Shelton. General Shelton later became the 14th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and served two 2-year terms under both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush.

At the time of this award, CW3 Mark Polk was responsible for providing technical guidance and implementing policies to ensure responsive repair and maintenance support for over 420 assigned major equipment items valued in excess of 13 million dollars. Under Marks technical supervision and guidance, Mark established the standard in his brigade for maintenance excellence by winning first place in the Chief of Staff Army Maintenance Excellence Competition in 1995.
Mark was honored to have worked under, and receive this award from General Shelton, as General Shelton was given the Congressional Gold Medal, the highest award the United States Congress can bestow. General Shelton has been internationally recognized for his public service and, in 2001, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

After retiring from the Army, Mark got back into the industry that he had a passion for. He started out selling RVs for a dealership in North Carolina and was soon promoted to the sales and F&I manager. Polk was concerned about the lack of education and awareness for the RV consumer and while still working for the dealership, started his own company, RV EDUCATION 101 in November 1999, until he could devote his full attention to RV EDUCATION 101 in 2000.

Mark is a published RV writer. He writes monthly articles for RV newsletters to include:

RV Education 101 newsletter
KOA Kompass Newsletter
RVTV Newsletter
Poulsbo RV Newsletter
RV Family Circle of Trust Newsletter
Camping World Newsletter

Mark has also written articles for RV consumer and trade publications for:

RV News
RV Business
RV Companion
Pop-Up Times
RV Free Wheelin’
Trail Blazer
RV Pro
RVers Corner Newsletter
Happy Camper Newsletter
Campers Choice Newsletter
Bella RV Newsletter

Mark also conducts seminars at RV Industry Shows and RV Retail shows. Mark’s latest adventure is with RVTV as their “RV SAVVY GUY” airing on the Outdoor Channel.

Dawn Polk is Mark’s wife and is RV Education 101’s Sales and Marketing director. Dawn’s background was in cosmetics ranging from a featured make-up artist to an account manager for an international cosmetic line. After 15 years in that industry she wanted a career change. She took a position in RV sales. After 3 years in the RV industry she left her position to help start RV Education 101.

Mark & Dawn have two boys, Tyler 8 and Josh 14, both avid RVers. Josh and Tyler both love to play baseball (especially catch in the backyard with dad). They are forever asking when we can “HIT THE ROAD” again.

Two dogs are also part of the Polk family, Gracie and Buck. Gracie is the good one.

Tyler took the picture of Gracie, the West Highland White Terrier, and Buck, an Australian Terrier, while we were set-up with their traveling pen at a campground.


Mark and Dawn freelance for RV dealers in the area to keep current with what is happening in the industry. They travel about 10,000 miles a year in their 28-foot Class C motor home, and feel that there is not enough emphasis placed on properly educating the RV consumer on the complexities of owning and operating an RV. They would like to provide you with as much RV information as possible.
Happy Camping!!

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