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Dear Mr. McDavid,

Attached, please find the Buyer-Escrow Agreement for the 1968 Ford Mustang This Agreement outlines the terms and conditions for all parties and includes wiring instructions for any and all funding to complete this transaction.  Please print and review the Buyer-Escrow Agreement and upon completion, please sign the Agreement (pages 3, 5 and 6) and scan and email (or fax) it back to me as soon as possible.

Additionally, to efficiently complete this transaction, please notify me of the date and time you intend to deposit the funds previously agreed upon.  Please include the confirmation code in order for me to follow and confirm the deposit.  Once deposited, and the funds confirmed, I will notify you  as soon as the funds are deposited in the Attorney Escrow Account at Bank of America to complete the transaction. In the meantime, if you haven’t done so already, please feel free to begin to make arrangements for pick-up.


We appreciate your business and strive to provide superior products through a convenient, safe and secure process. If you should have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at your earliest convenience, as I am fully committed to do whatever it takes to meet and exceed your level of standard and comfort. Again, thank you for your business and I look forward to working with you to complete this transaction.


Sam Saeli d/b/a Pantheon Processing
Freerek Paralegal
Fax: (716) 203-7534 Attn: Sam Saeli PMB 300

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Top 10 Most Sought After RV Brands

Last 30 days – 300K Users

  1. Tiffin Phaeton - Top models include: 40SQH, 36QSH and 40QTH.
  2. Tiffin Allegro Bus – Top models include: 40QDP, 45LP, and 37AP.
  3. Newmar Dutch Star – Top models include: 4018, 4095, and 4023.
  4. Fleetwood Discovery – Top models include: 40X, 40G, and 39S. 
  5. Fleetwood Bounder – Top models include: 35E, 36S, and 35K.
  6. Newmar Mountain Aire – Top models include: 4301, 3778, and 4005. 
  7. American Coach American Eagle – Top models include: 40EVS, 40VS, 40G. 
  8. Monaco Dynasty – Top models include: Duke, Countess, & Renaissance IV. 
  9. Tiffin Allegro – Top models include: 34TGA, 36LA, and 35QBA. 
  10. Keystone Cougar – Top models include: 327RES, 337FLS, and 38RLS. 

Dealer Car Search

Customer Service is at the very core of our company’s existence. We strive not only to meet your expectations but we wish to exceed your expectations each and every time we provide Customer Service to your organization.

  • Perfect 5 Star Google Reputation
  • Proven Track Record
  • Trusted Industry Leader
  • Nationwide Footprint
  • Recognized
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  • CSR Performance is Rated Daily by the Customers
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Top Luxury Items Sold Online

We’ve discussed in previous articles how the secondary market has become such a great place to buy and sell high dollar and luxury items, but what types of items are listed most frequently? Below we’ve compiled a grouping of some of the most commonly bought and sold items through luxury classified listings and auction sites.

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Whether it’s a cherry classic car, a fishing boat, or an ATV for your summer cabin, vehicles of all shapes and sizes are some of the most common listings you’ll find online. Most groupings of vehicles will have niche sites dedicated to specific buyers and sellers, but you’ll also find hundreds of listings on more generic auction sites, like ebay, and classified listings like those found on Craigslist. Regardless of what mode of transportation you’re looking for you’ll easily find a listing to fit your tastes on the web.

Watches & Jewelry
The online secondary market for jewelry and watches is enormous. Because of the longer lifespan of both watches and jewelry it’s common for original owners to sell their items as they upgrade to newer pieces. Luxury jewelry and watch owners also tend to take very good care of their purchases, which means buyers can often find slightly used items in excellent condition at a significant cost savings. Websites like and ebay frequently have items up for bids that look and function just as well as they did when they were brand new.

Fine Art
Much like jewelry and watches, fine art is nearly timeless. While tastes will often vary significantly from one collector to another, the internet has made it east to connect with others around the world who share those unique and specific tastes. Websites like have compiled listings from dealers and individual artists and made them available to collectors worldwide.

Antique & Collectable Firearms
Websites like have made locating rare and unique firearms as simple as a Google search. With a massive dealer and person-to-person online marketplace, firearms collectors now easily connect around the world to buy and sell handguns, rifles, and shotguns. The vast majority of those sales are more everyday hunting rifles and handguns for simple target practice, there are also frequent auctions and listings for pistols, rifles, and shotguns that cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Regardless of your specific areas of interest, if your tastes run to the luxury end of the scale you’ll be able to find a website that focuses on your hobby. As your average Joe has become comfortable listing common items online, wealthy individuals have followed suit and are now posting their wears in growing numbers.

For more information about buying and selling luxury items online see our posts about the benefits of the online secondary marketbuying luxury vehicles from far away, and buying jewelry and watches online.

Protect Against Fine Art Fraud


We’ve all heard about art forgeries, but most of the time it’s in the setting of an action or drama movie. But fine art fraud and forgery are very real threats, and both occur more than most collectors would like to admit. While it’s generally only the very high profile discovered forgeries that make headline news, collectors are defrauded more than we’d like to think. To help protect yourself against potential fraud and forgeries, the tips below can help you keep an eye out for some of the common red flags.

Know Your Subject Matter
If you’re planning to become a serious collector of any type of fine art – sculpture, paintings, reliefs, etc. – you need to become your own expert. Knowing the habits and most common mediums of your favorite artists will help you be able to spot anything that’s amiss. If your collecting tendencies cover many artists or mediums you may want to enlist an additional expert or two. This will give you the opportunity to focus on the artist or medium you prefer most while relying on your stable of experts to fill in the gaps.

Invest in Basic Tools
When it comes to inspecting paintings, a basic black light and jeweler’s lupe can be a great starting point. Black light reacts with certain types of recently added paint to original paintings – making the newly added paint appear to float above the original paint. This is most commonly seen on painter’s signatures. The microscope can also help during inspection by allowing the viewer to see if naturally occurring cracks in old paint have new paint that’s recently flowed into those cracks. While these techniques can be taught, it takes a great deal of time to hone these skills to an expert level.

Check the Frame
Forgers will often cut down appropriate period picture frames and place them around forged items. Be sure to inspect the seams of any questionable pieces to see if the joints are appropriately aged. Freshly cut joints can be an indication that the piece in question may have been altered to appear older than it really is.

Secure Your Funds
If you’re looking to purchase an item from an unknown artist or dealer, considering using an online escrow company. Escrow works to the benefit of both the buyer and seller by securing fund with a neutral third party. Buyers are protected as all funds are held with a neutral third party until there’s proof of shipping or the item has arrived for a final inspection. Sellers are protected by knowing that all purchase monies are verified upfront and held securely – completely eliminating the risk of non-payment, insufficient funds, fraudulent checks and credit card chargebacks.

When in doubt, consult an expert. You may have all the time in the world to become an expert on a specific artist or medium, but having the assurance of an expert’s say can help put any nervous buyer or seller at ease.

For more information about fraud prevention and safely buying or selling art online, see our posts about how to commission artworkcommissioned art is back, and the five most common internet scams.

PaySAFE Escrow

This weeks interview is with Matt Medlock of PaySAFE Escrow. He’s admittedly not a car guy (yet), but his extensive background in the banking industry led to see the need of safely doing person-to-person financial transactions (such as buying a car from a private seller) that might involve a lot of money changing hands. Long story short, he knew that an escrow account would be the ideal way to protect both the buyer and seller for just such a situation, but he wasn’t aware of a service out there that someone could use on the fly, just for a single transaction. Thus….his new company PaySAFE Escrow was born!

Matt Medlock, founder of PaySAFE Escrow.

Matt’s idea was for a trusted entity to hold the money for both the seller and the buyer until the transaction is complete. This way the buyer would be reassured he wasn’t completely giving his money away without seeing his purchase, and the seller w0uld know the money would be there for him when he shipped the item. Even better, it avoids the need to give out personal banking information to accept wire transfers, or to sweat bullets while waiting for a strangers personal check to clear.

The idea of escrow has been around forever (you likely have one with your home mortgage), but historically setting one up is a very paper intensive and labor intensive process. With the advent of computers, internet, and banking technology Matt saw it is now possible to use the idea of escrow for mid to large scale personal transactions. In the muscle car world this could apply to car purchases, large parts purchases, or even paying for services like restorations and body work.

Matt walked me through the process of using PaySAFE and explained the checks and balances used to ensure that honest people remain honest. I posed a couple different scenarios and he explained how PaySAFE escrow would handle those different transactions. He also explained why a crook would never use an escrow service to rip someone off. Matt further explained that there are processes in place for even the unthinkable situations like acts of God, death, or just inability to contact a buyer or seller. PaySAFE forces both sides to stay honest and insure against the unforeseeable.

This interview will most likely change your way of thinking about your next large transaction. The small fee PaySAFE escrow charges for it’s services could easily save you many sleepless nights on your next purchase. Matt did mention that PaySAFE is not JUST for muscle cars, but can be used for contractor services, boats, RV’s, even Cows and Horses. Any large transaction between two parties could benefit from an escrow service.

Thanks for the interview Matt!

-Rob Kibbe

- See more at:


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